Author: Earl Martinez

NBA: The Canadian team has agreed to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to the issues of Covid-19

Basketball in particular and Canadian sports in general have withdrawn from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games owing to fears that the acute respiratory infection outbreak of Covid-19 is complicated worldwide. Facing fears about the Covid 19 global pandemic, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has yet to vote to delay the opening date of the 2020 […]

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Canada and Australia withdrew, the President of the Athletics Federation seeks to delay the 2020 Olympic Games

The President of the World Athletics Federation, Mr. Sebastian Coe, called on the Japanese host to cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, even though it was a “unexpected” circumstance. The Prime Minister of Japan has also acknowledged that this sports festival has taken place more slowly than anticipated, which is “inevitable.” However, he did not discuss […]

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