The President of the World Athletics Federation, Mr. Sebastian Coe, called on the Japanese host to cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, even though it was a “unexpected” circumstance.

On 23 March, Canada withdrew from the 2020 Olympics in the background of an extremely complex Covid-19 pandemic

The Prime Minister of Japan has also acknowledged that this sports festival has taken place more slowly than anticipated, which is “inevitable.” However, he did not discuss the full cancelation of the tournament, but it will always be kept as things get better. 

Australia instructed its athletes to be emotionally trained for the 2021 Olympics. Many other sporting clubs have already applied for a postponement of the tournament.

However, Japanese authorities and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have stated that the 2020 Olympics will not be postponed and that a decision will not be taken earlier. This has been met with a great deal of backlash from celebrities and sporting organisations in recent days. Since they haven’t had a lot of time to plan. 

And recently, the President of the World Athletics Federation, Mr. Sebastian Coe, wrote a letter to IOC President Thomas Bach asking for the 2020 Olympics to be delayed.

With Canada and Australia withdrawing from the 2020 Olympics, this tournament will definitely not be played in full. Canada has stated that it will not be sending athletes to Japan this summer. Although several other Olympic Bodies in other countries have already voted to cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics if the Olympics continue as scheduled. 

With such mixed emotions, the IOC will make a final announcement in the next 4 weeks. But before that, President Thomas Bach said: The suspension of the Olympics will not solve any problems and will not help anybody. It is still too early for us to be liable for covering the Olympic Games postponement at this point. We are away from the Olympics for four and a half months.