Lacrosse is known to be one of the most flexible games because there are four distinct models. According to the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Integration Agenda, racquetball in particular and sport in general have a mandate to encourage group inclusion by empowering women to play more sports and promoting events for people with disabilities to play lacrosse by ensuring accommodation for them.
Lacrosse is popular predominantly in top universities such as Oxford , Cambridge, Toronto (UofT) and Harvard. Sport is so popular that many American universities have added racquetball to sports programs in the hope of recruiting more students.

Lacrosse was played for the first time by Native people around 1100 AD

Each Aboriginal tribe has its own variant of racquetball. However, whichever iteration it might be, Aboriginal people are playing to display appreciation and encourage religious practices. According to the CBC, there was a time when 1,000 Native people played Lacrosse, demonstrating the immense cultural importance of the sport.
In 1867, William George Beers, a Canadian dentist who was playing Lacrosse, published a pamphlet describing the meaning and rules of the game. He promoted this information at a conference in Kingston, Ontario. During the meeting, he also proposed racquet as Canada’s national sport, but without results.
Nowadays, William George Beers is regarded as the founder of modern racquetball for his contributions to making this sport more famous. Lacrosse has become a successful summer sport in Canada thanks to his efforts.
The Canadian Lacrosse Association was established in 1867, the year in which Beers’ Book of Rules and Game Purpose was published. Racquetball became Canada ‘s new summer sport in 1994.
Currently , four variations of the ball are outdoor, indoor, women’s and intercross (a variant of the ball that does not involve physical interaction between players). The National Football Union consists of 13 teams; 8 teams in the United States and 5 teams in Canada.