Gary Gait Summary 

Lacrosse player Gary Gait was born on 5 April 1967 in Victoria City, Canada. Athletes from Lacrosse were born in Aries. Gary Gait ranked 5th in the world in 1773 and 6th in the list of successful Lacrosse athletes. The total population of the world was around 3,485 billion people in 1967.

Biography of the lacrosse player: Gary Gait

Former professional tennis player who won the 2006 Lacrosse World

Championship with Canada. He won three major league championships in Lacrosse and led the championship seven times. 

He set the NCAA record for goals scored in the seventy-year era.

Gary Gait Teenage 

He’s a star player at Syracuse University, winning the Central Raymond Enners Award twice as the best college player in the nation. 

Gary Gait’s Family Life 

He’s got children named Braedon and Taylor, both of whom played lacrosse at university level. 

Lacrosse player Gary Gait in connection with other celebrities. 

He and Rob Pannell have both been named MLL Rookie of the Year.


World affairs for the year of Gary Gait’s birth 

Biafra is seceding from Nigeria (May). 

The Israeli and Arab forces are fighting; the six-day war ends with the Israeli capture of the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (May). Background: Israeli-Arab Wars 

The Correct military coup deposes King Constantine II of Greece. 

Communist China proclaims the explosion of the first hydrogen bomb (June 17). 

The US and the Soviet Union have proposed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Background: nuclear disarmament 

Date of birth of Gary Gait (April 5) 

April 5, 1614: John Rolf is married to Pocahontas. 

April 5, 1792: George Washington vetoed the first president. 

April 5, 1887: Anne Sullivan makes a breakthrough for Helen Keller by spelling “water” in the alphabet of the mark. 

April 5, 1951: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are sentenced to death for giving away the Russian nuclear secrets. 

April 5, 1955: Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister of England. 

April 5, 1971: Canada Fran Phipps is the first woman to reach the North Pole. 

April 5, 1999: Libya has more than two suspects in Lockerbie, Scotland’s Pan Am bombing.