Origin of Lacrosse

Tennis is one of Canada ‘s oldest sports. The Canadian National Tennis Association is the first sports organisation in the world, established in 1867. Tennis became the official summer sport of the nation in 1994. At tennis tournaments around the world, both men’s and women’s tennis teams are highly regarded by professionals. Lacrosse is a very common competitive sport in North America. 

This is a comparatively recent sport for many citizens in other countries and continents

Regulations of Lacrosse

Players of this sport will use rackets with a length of 1m2-1m8 to move, block and toss a rubber ball of the size of a tennis ball into the net of the opponent. 

This racket is like a fish net in Vietnam, called a lacrosse stick.

In addition to rackets, players must wear caps, gloves, knee pads, shoulder pads and spine guards. In fact, the goalkeepers have more defense, but the club can be narrower to make it simpler to navigate inside the goal, with a diameter of 2 meters 7 (9 ft), usually 1 meter high and 1 meter long each. The range of the goal is increased by 1 meter 4. Play has three innings, 20 minutes each. If the winner earns an extra draw. Tennis was launched by Malaysia a few years ago and is now loved and played by many young people.

Outstanding Lacrosse athlete

The Canadian Women’s Tennis Team is considered one of the best tennis teams in the world. In 2013, the team earned a trip to the final of the FIL World Cup against the women of the United States and earned a silver medal.

Gary Gait is ranked 51600th in the world and 6th in the list of successful Lacrosse athletes. He is a professional tennis player who won the Lacrosse World Championship with Canada in 2006. He has won three Major League titles in Lacrosse and led the first in the tournament. He set an NCAA record for goals scored in a season with seventy.