With the weather nearly freezing all year long, Canadians love to take part in athletic events to fight the freezing and improve their health. As a result, this country is not only renowned for its ethnic richness, but also for its richness in sport, which is noticeable in the world sports industry because Canada is still ranked among the top ranked countries in the world at the Olympic Games.

Lacrosse is the 5th most popular sport in Canada

The National Tennis Association of Canada is the first national sports organisation established in 1867. Lacrosse became the official summer sport of the nation in 1994. At Lacrosse tournaments around the world, both men’s and women’s tennis teams are highly regarded by professionals. The Canadian Women’s Lacrosse Team is considered one of the best Lacrosse teams in the world. In 2013, the team earned a ride to the final of the FIL World Cup against the U.S. Women’s Team and won a silver medal.

This sport is very popular in North American countries, but it is also one of the most fashionable and desirable sports for the people of Malaysia. To compete in this game , players will have to use very wide and long rackets from 1m8 to 2 m to racket balls as high as tennis balls on the opponent’s court.

The players will be issued with professional helmets and gloves when playing in this “tough” game. Although this sport has only just been launched in Malaysia, young people in this country are reacting very well, so today there are many major and small tournaments in this sport in different places.

With a long tradition of service, Canada has been one of the best countries in rugby tournaments around the world to date. The Canadian rugby sport has become stronger due to a closed national coaching qualification scheme.